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New Radio Stations V4.2 CCD

21 New radio stations for City Car Driving.

Now you and your passengers will have more fun on the road! Installation instructions below.

List of radio stations:
Radio Record
Radio “Dacha”;
Radio “Vanya”;
Radio “Energy”;
Vesti FM;
Radio Chanson;
Road Radio;
Retro FM;
New Radio;
Russian Radio;
Monte Carlo;
Record Megamix;
Like FM;
Europa Plus;
Black Star Radio;
Punky Hoy;
Two banks;
Our radio;
Our 2.0;
Rock FM;
Hit FM.

Version 4.2:
Added radio “Vanya”.

How to install a new radio in the CCD:
Copy the downloaded radio.ini file along the path:
Your Drive:\Documents\forward development\city car driving steam\config

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