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Nissan GT-R CCD 1.5.9

Nissan GT-R car for City Car Driving Simulator.

– Externally functional support! The caliper does not move with the brake disc, turns with the wheel, reacts to unevenness.
– New headlight setting with more correct glow. Again, not just a “setting”, but an innovation – the inner and outer cone of the glow.
– Implemented the Ackerman principle in the steering for better stability on the road
– Rebuilt physics and brakes
– The “(KEY)” label means that the car is protected by a license key, which in turn gives protection to bona fide buyers who do not want the purchased mod to be leaked to the general access. The “(KEY)” label is a completely new technology for the implementation of mods, thanks to which the purchased mod will remain only with you.
– Fundamentally new car physics.
– Raindrops with the appropriate choice of weather.
– Realistic appearance.
– Ability to refuel
– Working chip “dust from under the wheels”
– Working chip “water from under the wheels”
– Working chip “trailer”
– Working chip “cargo transportation”
– Working chip “passenger transportation”
– Working chip “improved room illumination”
– Completely working all arrows and indications.
– Well-designed interior.
– Car textures are made in high quality.
– Realistic lighting in the cabin.
And many other features await you when playing on the Nissan GT-R

SOUND Features:
– Starter sound, both external and inside the car (an innovation, not previously implemented)
– Sound of dovrnikov (innovation, previously not implemented)
– Implemented a new sound of sliding (and braking) a car on the asphalt (innovation, previously not implemented)
– Sound of the engine outside (new sound)
– Sound of the engine from the cabin (new sound)
– Sounds of turn signals ( new sound)
– Sound of turning on and off the turn signals (new sound)
– Sound of turning on / off the engine from the passenger compartment (new sound)
– Sound of turning on / off the engine from outside (new sound)
– Sound of fastening a seat belt (new sound)
– Sound of a sound signal from interior / outside (new sound)
– Sound of gear shifting (new sound)

List of extras that are available:
1. Red leather in the cabin No. 1
2. Gray leather in the cabin # 1
3. White leather in the cabin # 1
4. Wide frames for the numbers
5. Without numbers
6. Front bumper # 2
7. Front bumper # 3
8. Front bumper # 4
9. Rear bumper # 2
10. Rear bumper No. 3
11. Rear bumper No. 4
12. Spoiler No. 2
13. Spoiler No. 3
14. Spoiler No. 4 (without spoiler)
15. Threshold No. 2
16. Threshold No. 3
17. Lights No. 2
18. Headlights No. 2
19. Black Edition
20. Engine tuning
21. Tinting without windshield
22. Tinting in a circle
23. Wheels # 2
24. Wheels # 3
25. Wheels # 4
26. Wheels # 5

All Extras Available.
Registration code is not needed!
The folder “Be sure to throw the file in the folder on the C drive” is NOT required. Set only if it does not work without it.

City Car Driving has been updated to version

Authors: Heisenberg, HAMANN, Paulokom08 
File Details:  RAR / 92 MB
Download Nissan GT-R CCD 1.5.9 -
Download Nissan GT-R CCD 1.5.9 -
Download Nissan GT-R CCD 1.5.9 -

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