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Ural 4320 Truck V1.0 CCD

Ural 4320 truck mod for City Car Driving.

The car has a permanent wheel lock, front-wheel drive is connected (Q key).

Drive type: Permanent rear + plug-in front (Q)
Gearbox type: Manual transmission 5 (10)
Maximum power: 250 hp
Curb weight of the vehicle: 8050 kg.
Carrying capacity of the vehicle: 6855 kg.

List of extras:
1. Toning in a circle;
2. Engine tuning;
3. Wide frames for numbers;
4. No numbers;
5. Antenna;
6. Mudguards;
7. Additional canisters;
8. winch;
9. Overlays for headlights;
10. Grille on the headlights;
11. Gas mask on the tank;
12. Without an awning;
13. Cargo 2 version;
14. Weapons;
15. Without cargo.

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