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Кamaz 43118 6×6 Truck V2.0 CCD

Кamaz 43118 6×6 truck mod for City Car Driving.

In addition to the main extras that are in the first version of Kamaz, 15-21 extras were added, and the physics of the car and the checkpoint were slightly rebuilt. The car has 3 wipers (fully functional, they clean as it should), a manual transmission with a divider (letter X for activation: low, neutral, high). There are pneumatic brakes, pneumatic handbrake. There are sounds of Kamaz.

Characteristics of KAMAZ-43118 6×6:
Type of drive: Full;
Type of gearbox: manual transmission 5 (10) ;
Maximum power: 260 hp;
Curb weight of the vehicle, kg: 10400;
Vehicle load capacity, kg: 10000.

Manual installation, registration code is not needed.

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