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2011 Land Rover Defender 90 CCD

2011 Land Rover Defender 90 car mod for City Car Driving.

Maximum power-90 kW / 122 HP. from. / 121 l. from.;
Maximum torque – 360 Nm / 265 ft-lb;
Maximum speed – 137 km / h;
0-100kmh – 9.1 seconds;
Gearbox-6-speed manual.

HQ exterior and interior model (exterior: Hum3D, interior: GTA SA / Forza with modifications BZ and JZ 26 Motors and TJ);
Realistic Physics;
Passenger Transportation;
Support for trailers;
Support for right-hand and left-hand drive;
Working temperature and fuel sensors;
Raindrops on glass in rainy weather;
Snow on glass in snowy weather;
Illumination of buttons in the cabin at night;
Custom sound;
Illuminated license plate.

The mod has 11 extras:
1. Black grille
2. Black roof and Fender rockets
3. Black Roof and Fender flares with license plates for USA, Canada, Germany, Australia
4. Black wheels
5. Leather seats
6. License plates for USA, Canada , Germany, Australia
7. MPH speedometer
8. Offroad Kit 1
9. Offroad Kit 2
10. Tinted windows
11. White Roof

Installation: Manual
No code required (already sewn into the mod)

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