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CCD – Mercedes-Benz G65 GAD Motors

Mercedes-Benz G65 GAD Motors for City Car Driving Simulator.

A thousand-strong Mercedes with excellent acceleration performance, its sounds and extras. A rather poor looking carbon can be removed with extras.

Drive type: Full
Transmission type and number of gears: Automatic Transmission – 7
Maximum power: 612 hp
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 5.3 seconds
Engine displacement: 5439 cc.
Maximum speed: 230 km / h (Electronically limited)

Features of this mod:
The car has its own sound
Raindrops on the glass with an appropriate choice of weather
Baked body
The tachometer and speedometer arrows do not lie
Turn on the backlight in the cabin even during the day
Well-designed Salon

Mod has 11 extras:
1. Brabus wheels
2. Carbon replacement
3. Camouflage
4. Red mat
5. Original color
6. Rus numbers (without spoiler)
7. Rus numbers + spoiler (new)
8. Spoiler
9. Tinting in a circle
10. Tinting without a forehead
11. Tinting a hemisphere

Installation: Manual
Passenger transportation is available (new )
New physics (09.11.20) under City Car Driving
New sound

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