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Ford Country Squire

Ford Country Squire for City Car Driving Simulator.

Ford Country Squire ’66
Drive type: rear
Type of gearbox and number of gears: mechanic – 4, automatic – 3
Maximum power: 152 HP on 4000 RPM
Maximum torque: 317 N*m on 2200 RPM
Engine displacement: 3930 cc
Maximum speed: 130 km/h

New Changed Mod Features Are:
Remade the interior and exterior to HQ and HQ textures
New bump textures
Added lightmaps to the interior and exterior
Baked body
Improved light reflection position
Added working fuel arrow one the fuel gauge and now reads it
Updated physics are changed suspension, brakes, slightly adjusted wheel grip, curb weight, speed and acceleration (My first time to edit the CSV files)
3D tires
Light going through the interior made possible by removing the body roof
New textures
Interior is better quality and lot more detailed and so is the exterior
lighter wood paneling
Redid colour of the wood molding
2K exterior lightmaps
0.5K interior lightmaps
Changed to the original windscreen wipers
Smoother 3D model
Baked tires

This is my first time to edit the CSV files on this mod and I hope you all think its done well if it isn’t I will try to improve over time. Also this mod can be installed by the mod installer under my name, This mod took a lot work to remake so I hope it was worth it and been improved a lot while being tested, The 3D model has been smoothed as well compared to my previous mods and everything now when making the mod is setup correctly just a very small gaps with the chrome but its not noticeable at and nothing to worry about, I fixed it loads of times and it wouldn’t have been worth fixing for that little as it would take long I might consider it as newer versions come out but other than that the mod is perfect it was lot of work to update/remake this mod so you all enjoy this mod which took a lot time and its perfect as it will get also the screenshots were getting delayed as well I apologize for length of time it took I did it quick as possible.

Authors: Mod by Daeman, Updated from 1.2.5 to 1.5.6 by BZ And JZ 26 Motors, A special thanks for the beta testers for testing it are by TJ and Vladimir Dobarin and Kas27NED and for suggestions and assistance, Requested by Trucker Chris back in 2016, Screenshots by Alexey Yurchenko/Алексей Юрченко 
File Details:  RAR / 38.7 MB
Download Ford Country Squire -
Download Ford Country Squire -

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