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Ford F150 Pickup

Ford F150 Pickup for City Car Driving Simulator.

What New Changes Are:
– Removed the all the Saleen logos completely and replaced with and added Ford logos
– Added other details to the car they are FX4 part in the interior initially it was an automatic gear gauge but it was not worth putting due to setting up work and it would not like correct when driving with manual otherwise you will still see the automatic gear gauge
– Added Ford F150 wheels they were off the Ford Fusion but i modified them and made them bigger and made them into Ford F150 wheels
I think thats all the changes.

Special thanks to TJ for beta testing the mod, Also this mod does not overwrite and replace the Saleen mod this mod is separate this will install separately so you can drive both mods the Saleen and the Ford Also the screenshots by Housemd_Ro i did not make those colours he made it for himself and to do the screenshots and i have to say these are great screenshots Housemd_Ro well done thank you so much for them.

Authors: Saleen S331 Supercab by Jaguar86rus (what it was originally) Converted to a Ford F150 by BZ And JZ 26 Motors Requested by TruckerChris 
File Details:  RAR / 25.8 MB
Download Ford F150 Pickup -
Download Ford F150 Pickup -

One Comment

  1. Chris Chris November 1, 2022

    Once the accelerator is pressed at all, the truck permanently behaves as if the accelerator is pressed down all the way. Letting off the accelerator has no effect. No other vehicle that I’ve used (mod or official) has this issue. … CCD version … Mod manually installed.

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