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Hyundai Solaris 2011 CCD

Hyundai Solaris 2011 car mod for City Car Driving.

Popular budget sedan Hyundai Solaris 2011. Has several extras.

Drive type: Front
Gearbox type and number of gears: MT-5 AT-4
Maximum power: 123/6300 rpm
Maximum torque: 132/4200 rpm
Engine displacement: 1587 cube see
Maximum speed: 190 km/h

Setting: Manual
Transportation available

Extras available:
Folder 0 – Stock auto, mandatory installation! 
Folder 1 – Tinted hemisphere
Folder 2 – Kolkhoz Folder
3 – Yandex Taxi Folder
4 – Black stamps

Authors: - 
File Details:  RAR / 142 MB
Download Hyundai Solaris 2011 CCD -
Download Hyundai Solaris 2011 CCD -

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