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Hyundai Tuscon 2020 V2.0 CCD

Hyundai Tuscon 2020 car modfor City Car Driving.

Machine characteristics:
Drive type: Front;
Gearbox type: manual transmission 6; automatic transmission 6;
Maximum power: 150 hp;
Max. speed: 181 km/h;
Acceleration time: 11.1 sec.

Extra list:
1. Tinted rear hemisphere;
2. Toning without windshield;
3. Toning in a circle;
4. Tinted glass headlights;
5. Wide frames for numbers;
6. No numbers;
7. Black Edition;
8. White instrument lighting;
9. Engine tuning;
10. Headlights 2;
11. Radiator grille 2;
12. Front bumper 2;
13. Rear bumper 2;
14. Gray ceiling;
15. Gray color plastic;
16. White color plastic;
17. Discs 2;
18. Discs 3;
19. Discs 4.

Manual installation. The code is entered.

Authors: Heisenberg 
File Details:  ZIP / 93 MB
Download Hyundai Tuscon 2020 V2.0 CCD -
Download Hyundai Tuscon 2020 V2.0 CCD -


  1. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx March 18, 2023

    This car just crashes my CCD when loading the game with it. And the files are “modified” in 20 March 2003 (20 years ago) for a just 3 year old car. I was not able to find another Tucson mod. All the other cars (incl. the Kia Sportage (Tucson rebadge) from Heisenberg) work fine.

    • palma123wastaken palma123wastaken April 22, 2023

      Bro check if u installed it properly. Reinstall the mod and before launching the game with this mod just : 1. set the color to white and then 2. select automatic gearbox. Then it will work fine i guarantee. It did not work for me also initially but then i tried this now is working fine … hope this works for u bruh

  2. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx March 19, 2023

    The problem was fixed after deleting Forward Development.

  3. kerimnicat8282 kerimnicat8282 April 6, 2023

    cox yaxsi bir oyundu sadece arac modu cok az

  4. robert busa robert busa April 18, 2023


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