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Kia Stinger Gt 2018 CCD

Kia Stinger GT 2018 mod for City Car Driving.

A great car for the city and for long trips. In the game, the car received an excellent model with a coolly designed interior. All the chips and features of the latest CCD version are supported.

Power – 365 hp.
Maximum torque – 510 Nm
Maximum speed – 270 km / h
from 0 to 100kmh – 4.4 seconds
Gearbox – 8-speed automatic

Exterior and interior model HQ
Realistic physics
Accurate speedometer
Raindrops on glass, in rainy weather
Snow on glass, in snowy weather
Interior buttons
Lighting at night
Baked body
Updated custom sound (made by me)
Passenger Transportation
Fixed engine

The car has 7 extras:
Black chrome
Black wheels
Red interior
Rear view camera
Tinted glass

Authors: TJ, Adaptation author: VAGOneLove 
Download Kia Stinger Gt 2018 CCD -
Download Kia Stinger Gt 2018 CCD -

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  1. Sepehr Sepehr December 19, 2021

    Oh yeah, Stinger go brrrr….

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