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Range Rover SVA CCD 1.5.9

Range Rover SVA car for City Car Driving Simulator.

– Realistic Physics;
– Passenger Transportation;
– Trailer Support;
– Support for right and left drive;
– Reversing camera, 360 camera;
– Raindrops on glass in rainy weather;
– Snow on glass in snowy weather;
– Internal buttons light up at night;
– Indoor ambient lighting with gradient effect;
– The display shows the selected gear;
– Custom Sound;
– License Plate Lighting.

The mod has 40 additional extras:
Black Chrome
Government Car
Roof Box
Silver Exterior
Silver Steering Wheel Blades Silver Stock Rims
Wheels # 1
Wheels # 1 Black
Wheels # 1 Silver
Wheels # 2
Wheels # 2 Black
Wheels # 2 Silver

Green Ambient Lighting
Orange Illumination
Pink Ambient Lighting
Red Ambient Lighting
White Ambient Lighting
Yellow Ambient Lighting

Beige Leather
Extra Long Beige Brown
Extra Long Leather
Extra Long White Leather
Red Leather
Brown Leather
White Leather

Aluminum Finish
Black Glossy Wood Finish
Ebony Finish
Brown Glossy Wood Finish

Piano Brown Wood Finish Glossy Black Finish

Black Roof and Mirrors
Recycled Paint Black Recycled Paint with Black Roof and Mirrors Silver Recycled
Silver Recycled Paint with Black Roof and Mirrors

Tinted Glass Half
Tinted Glass All Except Front
Tinted Windows All

City Car Driving has been updated to version

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