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Skoda Superb (B8) 2017 CCD

Skoda Superb (B8) 2017 mod for City Car Driving.

Updated Skoda for the latest CCD version. Reconfigured physics, namely: internal combustion engine, automatic transmission and brakes. The internal combustion engine has become more powerful, the automatic transmission shifts instantly and at the right speeds, the brakes have become much stronger.

Drive type: full
Transmission type: Automatic transmission-6
Maximum power: 280 hp
Maximum speed: 250 km / h

High-quality HD interior and exterior
Adjusted physics for
Installation: Manual

Authors: KsenON116rus, Author of adaptation: VAGOneLove 
Download Skoda Superb (B8) 2017 CCD -
Download Skoda Superb (B8) 2017 CCD -

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