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Bmw E60 2006 CCD

BMW E60 2006 mod for City Car Driving.

Drive type: rear
Gearbox type: 6 Speed manual; Automatic transmission 6
Maximum power: 177 hp
Max. speed: 225 km/h
Acceleration time: 8.3 sec.

– Externally functional support! The caliper does not move with the brake disc, rotates with the wheel, reacts to unevenness.
– New headlight setting with more correct glow. Again, not just a “setup”, but an innovation – an inner and outer cone of glow;
– Physics and brakes restored;
– The sound of the starter, both external and inside the car (an innovation, not previously implemented);
– The sound of wipers (innovation, previously not implemented);
– Implemented a new sound of sliding (and braking) a car on the asphalt (an innovation, not previously implemented);
– Engine sound outside (new sound);
– Engine sound from the passenger compartment (new sound);
– Sounds, turn signals (new sound);
– The sound of turning on and off the turn signals (new sound);
– Sound of turning on / off the engine from the passenger compartment (new sound);
– Sound of engine on / off outside (new sound);
– Sound of a fastened seat belt (new sound);
– Sound signal from the salon / outside (new sound);
– The sound of switching to the position of the checkpoint (new sound);
– A fundamentally new physics of cars;
– Raindrops with an appropriate choice of weather;
– Realistic appearance;
– Ability to refuel;
– Working chip “dust from under the wheels”;
– Working chip “water from under the wheels”;
– Working chip “trailer”
– Working chip “Cargo transportation” –
– Working chip “Passenger transportation” –
– Working token “Improved room lighting”;
– All arrows and indications are fully working;
– Well thought out interior;
– Car textures are made in high quality;
– Realistic interior lighting.
– And many more features await you when you download the BMW E60 2006!

List of additional extras:
1. Tinted rear hemisphere;
2. Tinting without windshield;
3. Toning in a circle;
4. Tinted glass of headlights;
5. Wide frames for rooms;
6. No numbers;
7. Black Edition;
8. Dark beige leather upholstery 1;
9. Red leather interior 1;
10. Gray leather interior 1;
11. White leather interior 1;
12. Red calipers;
13. Trunk spoiler 1;
14. Trunk spoiler 2;
15. Roof spoiler;
16. Roof rack;
17. Cilia;
18. Lip on the front bumper;
19. Headlights 2;
21. Grid with black stripes;
22. Black edging mesh;
23. Without a rating plate;
24.530 gasoline;
25.530 gasoline white backlight;
26. White diesel backlight;
27. Discs 1;
28. Discs 2;
29. Engine tuning;
30. FSO.

Version from 11/22/2021:
– Added photos to each of the extras.
– Changed file type.

Authors: Heisenberg 
Download Bmw E60 2006 CCD -
Download Bmw E60 2006 CCD -

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