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Gaz 67B

Gaz 67B for City Car Driving Simulator.

More detailed 3D model
Lightmaps on the exterior and interior and completemap on the body
Slightly changed physics by slowing it down to a more realistic speed
Added custom sound
Chrome on the bolts
Pedals texture on the interior is visible and added from Ford Transit and modified for the brake and clutch and the accelerator is just a texture from the google images search
Black grill and metal seat frame
Added spare wheel on the rear of the vehicle
UVW Mapped and UVW Unwrapped to be made DX11 compatible

Befores mod was going to be last update but this is for definite and then the next mod will be the 2014 Skoda Superb i just did this because it was very easy to update, The mod in the screenshots has bugs but that got fixed afterwards i sent the wrong link to Alexey by mistake also there are 4 chrome bolts that are left body coloured by mistake but its not really noticeable it doesn’t really do anything to the mod in any way, It was just forgotten it wasn’t worth fixing since i got this far but its still really good mod other than that its perfect.

Authors: Mod by Autoligenda Updated from 1.2.2/1.2.5 to 1.5.6 and custom sound created by BZ And JZ 26 Motors Screenshots by Alexey Yurchenko/Алексей Юрченко 
File Details:  RAR / 23.3 MB
Download Gaz 67B -
Download Gaz 67B -

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