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Kia Sorento Gt-line 3.5 2019 CCD 1.5.9

Kia Sorento Gt-line 3.5 2019 car for City Car Driving Simulator.

Mid-size crossover of the Korean company Kia with extras.

Drive type: Full
Transmission type: Automatic transmission 8
Maximum power: 249 hp
Max. speed: 210 km/h
Acceleration time: 7.8 sec

List of extras that are available:
1. Tinted rear hemisphere
2. Tinted without windshield
3. Tinted in a circle
4. Tinted headlights
5. Wide frames for numbers
6. Without numbers
7 Black Edition
8. Gray ceiling
9. Red leather interior
10. Gray leather interior
11. White leather interior
12. Extra Stens
13. Black wheels stock

City Car Driving has been updated to version

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