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More UK Plates Addon

More UK Plates Addon for City Car Driving Simulator.

I have found a way to add in more UK plates to 1.5.x the game only has UK license plates up until 2010 but i added plates from 2011 to 2016. I find this more realistic, as most of the cars I drive were built in this time period.

To install, simply navigate to your City Car Driving folder, click on data, then config, license plates, cities, open up the file of the plate you are currently using. (Europe = Berlin, USA= California, Russia = Moscow, Australia = Canberra). If it asks then open it with notepad, simply delete all of the text and replace it with the text from the .xml file of the mod, then save and it should work in game!

Authors: N/A 
File Details:  ZIP / 472 B
Download More UK Plates Addon -
Download More UK Plates Addon -

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