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LR Range Rover 2012

LR Range Rover 2012 for City Car Driving Simulator.

32 Extras are:
1 Tinted Glass Half
2 Tinted Glass Full
3 Black Gloss
4 Reversing Camera
5 Dark Wood Trim Interior
6 Light Wood Trim Interior
7 Dark Black Wood Trim Interior
8 Golden Brown Wood Trim Interior
9 Aluminium Trim Interior
10 Carbon Fiber Trim Interior
11 Black Leather Interior
12 Beige Leather Interior
13 Black Leather Interior With Beige Leather Seats
14 Tan Leather Interior
15 Red Leather Interior
16 Blue Leather Interior
17 Brown Leather Interior
18 Beige Leather Interior 2 Tone Seats Beige Sides And Black Center
19 Black Leather Interior 2 Tone Seats Black Sides And Beige Center
20 Beige Leather Interior 2 Tone Seats Black Sides And Beige Center
21 Black Leather Interior 2 Tone Seats Beige Sides And Black Center
22 Gray Leather Interior
23 White Leather Interior
24 Tinted Glass Half With Reversing Camera
25 Tinted Glass Full With Reversing Camera
26 Steering Wheel With Trim
27 Beige Leather Interior 2 Tone Seats Blue Sides And Beige Center
28 Red Leather Interior 2 Tone Seats Black Sides And Red Center
29 Tinted Glass Half With Reversing Camera With Black Gloss
30 Tinted Glass Full With Reversing Camera With Black Gloss
31 Tinted Glass Half With Black Gloss
32 Tinted Glass Full With Black Gloss

New changes to the mod by me are:
New suspension physics by Denis initially he didn’t allow it but he changed his mind later for me to allow me using it so now the car is more stable and easier and safer to drive
Redid the automatic gearbox now changes gears at higher revs
Remapped the interior completely from scratch UVW Unwraped and UVW Mapped the interior entirely so now it has completely no more black areas in DX11 so now they are all eliminated
Fully compatible with DX11
Major improvements and refinements to the 3D model
Added lightmaps they are in 0.1K, 0.2K, 0.5K and 1K much more improved RPS (Rays Per Sample) and Multiplier they are in:
RPS (Rays Per Sample) = 55
Multiplier = 2.0
For much higher quality lightmaps
The previously used lightmaps for my mods were:
RPS (Rays Per Sample) = 15
Multiplier = 3.5
Now this will be used in my future mods for better quality lightmaps and i will improve my existing mods
Added bump and a special plastic bump texture mostly used in Denis154rus mods
Some changes to the physics are the brakes now brakes less harshly and revs higher and some other changes to the physics and they are realistic
Added original custom sound same as in version 1.2.5
Automatic Gears shows which gear is selected in the interior
Updated and improved textures
Detaching and attaching the necessary parts of the model
Major updated N2 files
More realistic chrome mostly used in Denis154rus mods and properly chromed the steering wheel
Much more parts in the 3D model created which it never had before
Created extras are the seat extras the steering wheel with trim and trim and the black gloss and the tint and much more as it says in the extras
More refined wheels by detaching and particularly the tire
The mod has new colours as well as red, white and gray it did have before now it has red white and gray and the new colours are light gray, silver and black
And many more changes i can’t think of it will have to be found out by trying the mod

No bugs.

Future updates:
Visible stitching on the seats and piping extras on the seats.

This mod took me 4 months of work and labour this is the hardest mod i ever made for this game but hopefully the best one ever made as well and i didn’t think i was able to finish the mod but i hope everyone likes it and enjoys it i was struggling on the all the of changes made to the mod particularly the model, The textures, Bump textures, Detaching and attaching of the model the lightmaps reformatting the N2 files again with the updated N2s it was no easy task but its finally finished ready to be enjoyed plus the physics had to be checked in order for it to be done correctly and also refining and improving the 3D model and much more parts many more things to
things that can’t be thought of i thank everyone in the credits for helping me with the mods so now it can be driven in CCD 1.5.4 and onwards after 5 years after 2012 the Range Rover is finally fully updated this year 2017 also i thank Denis for allowing me to use the suspension physics without that the car would have been not good or stable to drive so i thank him for that initially though he didn’t allow me to use the physics for it but he changed his mind later and allowed me to use it and i thank him for it the lightmaps does very tiny bit of black areas but they are completely not noticeable at all particularly mostly in the chrome but its not worth fixing as some mods may have that already plus the black gloss and other extras was a lot of work and took ages to create also the steering with trim took time and had to be partly remodeled from the existing steering wheel but it got finished but it was very awkward though as i don’t have much experience i was thinking to make more extras but this is enough and the others aren’t necessary and much harder to make so this can’t have absolutely everything which you should expect this is enough already as it is also the wheel had to be done which mean’t to make the tire more improved as well as detaching and a load more it had to be formatted the way Trafim did as much as possible and it is formatted as much as possible the way Trafim did which means the mod is very high quality it also has new colours and much more, We also have a new screenshot author to take screenshots of my mods his name is Alexey Yurchenko and he will be taking pictures of my mods from now on first time is used him as Housemd_Ro has retired from screenshoting CCD so now the replaced screenshoter is Alexey Yurchenko first time is messaged him in English he didn’t reply but some time later and messaged him in Russian he replied with the screenshots so it can be used for the mod and from now on. I also quitted Mediafire and now i will be using Dropbox from now on and plus it had ads and the reason was they never sorted my account locked out problem that is all i will need to update everything about so to make it easier i did have some help from TJ as well, This mod has no bugs whatsoever.

Authors: Mod by Trafim Updated 1.2.5 to 1.5.4 and a full remake and added original custom sound and 32 extras by BZ And JZ 26 Motors Requested by our forum moderator TJ Screenshot pictures by Alexey Yurchenko Suspension physics by Denis154rus with his permission Menu screenshots by Housemd_Ro Help and assistance beta tested by TJ 
File Details:  RAR / 86.3 MB
Download LR Range Rover 2012 -
Download LR Range Rover 2012 -

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